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Welcome to Sahid Smriti Awasiya Secondary School, Tulsipur Dang In this lively Technical School, we promote knowledge through technical education. Affiliated with CTEVT we offer you opportunities to add value to your life through quality education and significant real-life exposure. Our institution aims to create a future ready generation of technical professionals to take the country forward. Sahid Smriti Awasiya Secondary School CTEVT depart is committed to make the institution a place that promotes freedom of thought, innovation and creativity. It has a continuing commitment to articulate, reinforce and reflect moral and ethical values with technical skills in its students. Our programs are unique and I encourage you to go through our website to know more on the technical courses that we offer. You can visit our institution and talk to our counsellors as a part of your admission decision. The certified courses are designed as per the current context and are updated gradually with changing time, and needs of Nepali learners. Students (who are already enrolled in any program or waiting for their results), working professionals, and engineers are welcome to explore the courses. For quality in technical education, We are considered a standard in itself, and as such a brand for aspiring institutes in Dang. Based on the providing a critical and leading role in driving the higher technical education in Dang, I am sure you will thank yourself for choosing Sahid Smriti School for your higher study.       Wishing you all the  best. Bhupendra Prakash Wali Coordinator, Sahid Smriti Awasiya Secondary School, Dang

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