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What is Sahid smriti ?

Sahid Smriti Awasiya Secondary School is the culmination of 10 years of people’s war, 19 days of people’s movement, and a 12-point agreement. The Martyrs Foundation Nepal (MFN) has taken the responsibility of overseeing the school. The school conducts teaching-learning activities in coordination with the local body. There are five similar schools in the former five development regions, located in Itahari of Sunsari, Jiri of Dilakha, Pokhara of Kaski, and Tulsipur of Dang. This particular school is situated in Tulsipur Sub-Metropolitan City-17, Bankatti, Dang, under the former Midwest Development region.

Currently, students from 16 conflict-affected districts are studying in this school from KG to 12th grade. Established in 2066 B.S., the Government of Nepal provides an annual grant for the educational and residential expenses of the students. In addition to the government grant, various schemes have been implemented in the school for housing maintenance, drinking water, toilets, bathrooms, and the purchase of educational materials.

The school now offers ten plus two (10+2) programs in Management and Science streams. Additionally, since 2077 B.S., the school has been offering CTEVT programs in Diploma in Civil Engineering (a three-year program on a semester system) and Diploma in Architecture Engineering (a three-year program on a semester system). Approximately 500 students are currently studying in this school, ranging from KG to 12th grade, with around 400 students residing in the hostel. The school is divided into two blocks: the school block and the hostel block.

The school has a staff of 29, including the principal, vice-principal, teachers, accountant, discipline in-charge (DI), and kitchen staff. The school’s kitchen provides daily meals and tiffin for the hostel residents. Sahid Smriti Awasiya Secondary School is renowned for its impressive academic results, friendly atmosphere, caring environment, positive behavior, and stimulating learning environment. It also prioritizes the moral, disciplined, and vocational development of its students through the implementation of rules and rewards. Practical education is highly emphasized by the teachers.

The school offers various facilities such as extracurricular activities (ECA), educational tours, conferences, sports, counseling classes, library, science lab, and computer lab. Particularly, the science lab, computer lab, and playground are sources of pride for the school.